This blog is about employment and human rights law, and technology in the workplace in Canada. I am Lisa Stam, a lawyer at Koldorf Stam LLP, a boutique law firm in Toronto, Ontario specializing in these areas. After working at two union-side law firms for the first three years of my practice, I moved to a global, management-side law firm for nearly seven years. I left that firm to co-found Koldorf Stam LLP with Inna Koldorf, a fellow employment & labour lawyer and social media geek in Toronto. Today, I represented both employees and employers in a broad range of industries and workplaces.

I have a particular interest in how the economy and business world continue to move online, and how that effects the intersection between our work and personal lives. Technology, social media and the online world continue to change how we interact, how we define what is private, and how we develop meaningful work and personal relationships – and even how we organize where to work with the rise of co-working and home-working arrangements.

I help clients navigate through both the novel and the nuts and bolts issues. From drafting executive contracts, to rolling out BYOD programs, to representing a party in a wrongful dismissal court action, the intersection of technology and the workplace is ever evolving – and always interesting (to me, at least).

Perhaps the most significant change technology and the internet have brought to law is how we as lawyers provide legal services: clients can find statutes, caselaw and legal blog posts online. My ongoing challenge – and a big reason why I was driven to co-found a new law firm in March 2014 – is to relentlessly look for ways to provide value added to clients in a world where our monoply on legal information is gone. The mystique of law died with the birth of the internet, and we are in a very exciting time for both lawyers and consumers of legal services.

Since 2009, this blog has been my opportunity to participate in this brave new world.

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