clawbies-socialIt’s that time of year to vote for your favourite law blog.  In case you haven’t heard of illustrious awards such as the Oscars, Junos or Clawbies, the Clawbies are the annual awards for Canadian legal blogs in a variety of areas, including practitioner, firm or legal publisher.  To vote, you tweet out your favourites and the Wizards of Legal Blog Oz will make their determinations at the end of December.

My 2016 nominations for individual practitioners this year are:

  1. Doug Macleod: He is a regular blogger with practical wisdom in the employment law space, who has consistently put out content that is interesting, concise and relevant.
  2. Michael Spratt:  Michael is a criminal lawyer in Ottawa that never pulls any punches.  He has the courage to put his full range of opinions on paper and fight for access to criminal justice in a vigorous, compelling manner, while somehow mixing in humour with it all.  He also produces The Docket Podcast, interviewing a great list of Canadian who’s who.
  3. Sean Bawden: Sean’s blog is a great go-to place for employment law updates and analysis. He’s an engaging writer that always seems on top of the latest legal developments.

My nomination for a legal publisher is:

First Reference:  As a Canadian workplace law resource, you can’t beat First Reference.  They are a collaborate, community builder of many employment lawyers in this practice area, providing a daily source of great information for employment lawyers, HR professionals and the public.  (As a disclaimer, I am a contributor and public fan, so have an obvious but well-founded and legitimate bias.)