Over the last few months, I have been working with a colleague from our IP practice group (Stephanie Vaccari) and from our Competition & Technology practice group (Arlan Gates) to develop a cross-disciplinary social media team at my office.  Together, we have been able to tackle social media issues from all angles, and to walk through client issues in a way that reflects business reality, namely that social media issues cut across all departments of an organization, requiring a wholistic approach to the problem.

And so, we have recently launched our Toronto office initiative, Social Media in Your Business.  We have put together a brochure outlining the broad ways that social media can impact your business, are hosting our first client webinar today (I’ll post the link when it becomes available), and will continue to collaborate to learn from each other and expand our collective wisdom on social media issues.  I’m looking forward to sharing more details as we continue to grow the initiative.

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