Employees often take work-related data with them when they resign or are terminated from employment.  In many cases, it is an inadvertent act that has happened over time by using their own device or email account to work after hours.

Emily Chung, technology writer from CBC News interviewed me and wrote the following piece, exploring the issue:

Employees often take private data when they leave:  Intentions not malicious, but practice still poses risk to companies

Most employees see nothing wrong with taking their employer’s confidential data out of the office — and about half even take it with them to their next employer, a study has found.

Meanwhile, even when they are not changing jobs, a majority of employees are putting sensitive corporate information at risk by transferring confidential corporate data to their personal devices, personal email accounts and cloud services such as file transfer service Dropbox, said the report titled, "What’s yours is mine: how employees are putting your intellectual property at risk"…

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