Toronto skyline - red
WPC in Toronto

This summer, our firm will be hosting a booth at the 2016 Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC).  We’re excited to connect with many of the 15,000 MS partners from around the globe who will be coming to Toronto July 10-14.  Come and visit us at Booth 1737, near the coffee shop.

Canada has a deep and highly skilled tech talent pool, and our dollar makes scaling out into Canada an attractive option for growing companies.  Our team looks forward to meeting up with business owners who are navigating the complex Canadian workplace law landscape.

We’re a tech-savvy, virtual law firm that speaks the same language as the WPC community.  We love the entrepreneurial passionate that drives so many of the business that will be coming to the annual conference in Toronto this summer.  There are a ton of great speakers and events, and we can’t wait to be surrounded by that energy and the smarts that drives so much of our modern economy.

Feel free to connect with us @koldorfstamlaw or @lisastam if you’re going to be there and would like to meet up!