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Terms of Service and Employee Social Media Passwords

Over the last couple of months, there has been an interesting debate in Canada and the US about whether an employer can ask for a social media password. For some of the highlights of the conversation in Ontario, see: Toronto Star article on March 20, 2012; Dan Michaluk at All About Information; Andrew Langille’s blog Youth and Work; and David … Continue Reading

New Ontario Social Media Reference Check Guidelines

Last Thursday, the Ontario Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner released its new guide for online reference checks.  In the face of the recent debates about whether an employer can request personal social media passwords during job interviews, the release of this document is quite timely. The guideline is entitled, Reference Check:  Is Your Boss Watching?  … Continue Reading

Social Media in the Workplace: Reliable Evidence?

Should an employer friend his or her employees on Facebook? Connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter or read an employee’s blog? There is no consensus and employers continue to grapple with the role of social media in the workplace – and the role employers should take within these vehicles of communication.  The more difficult question is not … Continue Reading