We are super excited to share that our founder Lisa Stam has been nominated for a Canadian Lawyer Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers “Changemakers Award”!  Lisa has always made it a top priority to make legal services relevant, easy to access & more affordable through tech smarts!

We’d sure appreciate it if you could cast a vote for her – anyone can vote! Please click here.  Voting ends this Friday, June 5.  Thanks so much!

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Each year Canadian Lawyer launches Top 25 Most Influential to determine who is having the biggest impact in the justice system and legal profession in Canada.

“Stam is a well-known and highly regarded employment lawyer in Toronto. Throughout her career she has practised at various employment firms including a multinational law firm. Given her belief that a tech-based virtual law firm can be as good as or better than a traditional in-person firm, in 2017, she started SpringLaw, a virtual, tech-based law firm. SpringLaw has been thriving and growing ever since, thanks to her leadership and forward-thinking mentality and insight into what the world needs. She has quickly become a leader in all things legal tech and bringing the practice of law to today’s times. She is frequently sought after to speak at events on legal tech and innovation, given her passion for and knowledge of the topic. She also frequently speaks on and advises clients about the impact, risks and opportunities of technology in the workplace, including social media legal issues, privacy breaches and ownership of data. She also has an innovative and non-traditional way of running her law firm. She runs her firm like a startup, offering not only legal services but also online solutions, monthly webinars and weekly blog posts. SpringLaw has an online platform with various chat rooms, daily video calls, a weekly all-team video call to talk through legal issues, quarterly in-person meetings for bonding and strategy talks, an annual overnight retreat and daily telephone and in-document collaboration. Her firm embraces and frequently uses AI research tools, instead of billing clients for hours of legal research. SpringLaw does not meet clients in person, except for litigation proceedings, and has developed the ability to attract clients without geographic restrictions because of this virtual and highly accessible setup.”