SpringLaw hiring two lawyers - we’re busy and need more hands on deck!We are looking for 2 innovative, tech-savvy lawyers with 3+ years of employment law experience, each with a slightly different focus:

  • A litigation-focused lawyer who loves getting on their virtual, digital and sometimes IRL feet, with an interest in criminal law as it intersects with workplace law.
  • A solicitor-focused lawyer who loves contracts, drafting, and advising employers in their day-to-day workplace law issues.
  • We want new ideas and experience to keep optimizing our unique client service experience, and embracing automation, technology and efficiencies so we can focus on personal and high-value interactions with our clients.
  • We’re looking for aligned souls to join us for the long run.

What sets us apart:

  • SpringLaw is a virtual employment law boutique that helps bosses and execs build and manage workplaces with more calm and less drama.
  • We work hard on complex matters for our wide range of clients.
  • We believe in using tech and automation to deliver legal services more efficiently so that we can focus on connecting with our clients IRL and on a human level.
  • We have been virtual since the start!  The firm was founded 5 years ago on a paperless and virtual model and built to thrive in our new online environment.
  • We have lots of collaborative systems to keep us all connected, including quarterly meet-ups and our new monthly co-working day at Verity on Queen.
  • We offer competitive pay, benefits, DB Plan and lots of vacation.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with other lawyers on our team to help both bosses and employees solve their workplace legal problems.
  • Manage your own files and work directly with clients to be their go-to problem solver and voice of reason.
  • Write blogs, articles, presentations, e-books and other online tools for clients.
  • Help the team. Period. We have no silos or egos – everyone must roll up their sleeve and simply ask “How can I help the client and our team?”
  • Stay connected with your community, friends and family while working hard for clients – it doesn’t need to be one over the other. You’ll be a better lawyer for it.

Click here to learn more about the role or to apply.

Applications are due by April 15, 2022.