I launched SpringLaw on April 1, 2017, with the mission to be a fully virtual, tech-forward employment law firm in the cloud. Although this now feels like a thousand years ago, before a global pandemic introduced the world to the ease of online communications and business, our purpose remains to disrupt old-school law in order to provide an amazing client journey. 

We continue to solve workplace law issues through leading-edge, tech-forward collaboration with our virtual-only team, located throughout Ontario. We have built a web of internal communications, frequent team video & chat touchpoints, online-first systems and our data conveyor belt which are all focused on making the client journey as effective, efficient and practical as possible. 

Thank you to all of our amazing clients, our workplace law community, our allies and all the friends and family who have supported us along the way.

SpringLaw’s First 6 Years by the Numbers

  1. We’ve grown from 1 lawyer and an assistant to 9 lawyers, 2 paralegals, and 3 operational gurus. We continue to grow and have just posted for a new Marketing Manager.
  2. We’ve opened over 1300 client matters, serving a mix of employers and employees and the full range of workplace law issues.
  3. We’ve hosted 41 of our free monthly webinars, all posted on our YouTube channel.
  4. We’ve written over 300 weekly blog posts.
  5. We share those posts monthly with our 2500+ newsletter subscribers.
  6. Most importantly, between the 14 people on our team, we have 9 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs and 1 rabbit. Critical law firm numbers, I know.

Our Superstar Team 

We have come far quickly, but there is still so much to do. Year 7 is our year to dig deeper into optimizing our internal systems and modern business practices. We also have a new website coming out over the coming months to better showcase our legal products. 

The most important focus of year 7, though, is our team.  

The only reason we are where we are after 6 years is because of an amazing team of human beings who I am grateful to work with every day. The secret sauce of why our team works so well together is simple – we deliberately look for really good, decent souls. No brilliant jerks allowed. Being nice, honest and fun matters, in between being tough and tenacious for our clients.

Here are the core values people need to live to thrive at SpringLaw:

  • Have an innovative growth mindset
  • Be collaborative & accountable to the team 
  • Be authentic, with no ego
  • Have great emotional intelligence
  • Be a creative problem-solver to deliver innovative legal solutions

Where We Are Going 

I’m happy to say we’re heading out of our start-up business teenage years and into the adulthood of our firm. This next phase means continuing to dig into data and automation, as well as levelling up our career development review structure, continuing to iterate our heavy focus on mentoring and training lawyers through weekly all-team mentoring video calls and monthly events like our SLUni Sessions (our SpringLaw KM university). We’re even rolling out a new profit share program to complement the DB pension we’ve had for a couple of years. 

We’ve been blessed with low turnover and I aim to keep our amazing team as firm lifers! 

We’ve got a ton on the go and an ambitious 10-year plan.  We hope you will all continue to come along for the ride. 

Thank you. We are so grateful to be surrounded by our amazing clients, allies, friends and families who all keep us motivated and inspired every day.