I jumped into blogging in 2009 and have been grateful for the opportunity to participate in the online conversation about the workplace, employment law, and social media in general. 

We continue to be in a technological revolution that has forever changed how we communicate to each other – or at the least, for you cynics and/or technophobes out there, has added an additional layer of opportunity that lets us each reach out to people we would never have met a decade ago.

Lexblog, the back-end publisher of my blog, recently wrote an article that touches on why I blog.  My thanks to Nick Shekeryk, who took the time to pick up the old-fashion phone and call me.  For anyone out there considering whether it’s worth the effort, I can tell you that I’ve met a lot of generous, helpful and smart people through blogging.  Yes, it’s led to clients, but of more value to me is the connection to people all around the continent and beyond as a result of our borderless online world. 

For any newbies looking for employment law blogs, the Justica.com blawg search is a great starting point.

And for readers interested in Canadian law blogs, it’s Clawbies time again!  The nomination process for the Canadian Law Blog Awards is not only collegial and fun, but a great way to find out what blogs are out there.  I encourage everyone to keep an eye on the Clawbie website, and if you’re on Twitter, follow the discussion with #clawbies2011.