It’s Clawbies Season again!

When I started my blog in 2009, I could count on one hand my employment law blogging compatriots in Canada.  There are some excellent marketing departments now pushing out all kinds of content, but I remain sentimental for the independent blogger blogging for the love it, for the opportunity to connect with colleagues and clients, and yes, to raise profile within the growing audience of blog readers.

When reflecting on which blogs are deserving of a Clawbie, I have arbitrarily, unscientifically and completely subjectively based my decisions on the following criteria:

  • I prefer independent bloggers writing with their own voice, sweat and tears (not a series of posts ghost written by a marketing department or articling student);
  • I am an employment lawyer, so will have a natural bias for bloggers in my area of practice; and
  • I love passionate writing – I tend to write more neutrally in the otherwise polarized employment world, and appreciate the courage in others to rage against the system/worker/institution/judge/The Man/the jerk on the bus, etc.

My 2013 Clawbies Nominations

Based on my above criteria, here are my nominations:

1.     Law of Work – You can’t get more passionate then Professor Doorey’s lefty legal rants.  There is no ambiguity around his politics, he’s a colourful writer, always engaging, and full of useful, interesting, helpful commentary on the law.  I may not always agree with him, but still love reading his posts.  (I feel like this is a wasted nomination, since everyone else will also vote for him.)

2.     MacLeod Law Firm –  Doug MacLeod and his new associate Nicole Sims write in a succinct, practical manner that cuts to the point and provides useful day-to-day information for the real world.   He skips all the legal theory, keeps his post short, regular and topical.  I hope to be as disciplined with my posts when I grow up.

3.     Employment Law Blog for the Suddenly Unemployed – I don’t know how he does it, but Sean manages to push out all kinds of useful content, is topical, opinionated, passionate and colourful – everything I love in a blogger.  He popped onto the scene in 2012 and has continued to deliver top quality content throughout.

4.     South of the Border Choice:  Molly DiBianca at the Delaware Employment Law Blog is the real deal.  She’s an original legal blogger and set the tone for many of us in the early years.  She writes with a unique flare and always keeps it always engaging.

Runner’s Up:

1.     First Reference – I nominate them every year, but Yosie Saint-Cyr and her team are always putting out such high quality analysis.  I have focused on individuals for my top three, but there is no doubt that Yosie’s writing and legal talent should keep her at the top of the list.

2.    Canadian Privacy Law Blog – David Fraser is a national expert in his area, and blogs with an impressive, high quality frequency that puts most of us to shame.

Good luck to all my colleagues, friends and fellow bloggers.  I look forward to learning about a new list of blogs I should subscribe to.

Happy reading to everyone!