resources for employers during COVID-19

Unchartered Workplace Waters

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented losses in a short period of time.  It has been a time of incredible stress, uncertainty and countless questions about how you can stay afloat, best manage your team and, eventually, rebuild. 

At SpringLaw, we have been navigating these unchartered waters with our employer clients.  We know how small businesses have been struggling and how business owners are laying up at night wondering how they will see it through to the other side of this tremendous business disruption.

You Are Not Alone!

As an employer, you know you need to pivot and resize your business. You want to do best by your employees, your business model and your own employment.

You care deeply about your team and your “baby” – your business, along with your reputation and keeping a roof over your family’s head.  You want to be ethical and empathetic, but know you must also be pragmatic and that your decisions must be legally sound. 

You are likely thinking, among many other things:

  • Do I need to layoff or terminate my staff?  What’s the difference?  How do I do it?
  • What government relief is available to me and how do I best use it?
  • When and how can I recall my team?
  • OMG the paperwork!!!

You are not alone!  Many, many businesses are grappling with these tough decisions.  You know they need to be made, but you need a starting point, a roadmap and some guidance on how to navigate this challenging journey, while also managing a payroll cash crunch and a tightened budget.

Pivot DIY – A Budget-Friendly, Easily Accessible Solution for You!

To assist you through this unprecedented time, SpringLaw has launched a new business solution to help you survive and thrive – Pivot DIY.  This toolkit gives small business owners and entrepreneurs the strategies, how-to guides and templates to help you weather the impact of COVID-19 on your business and workforce.

This solutions toolkit has been crafted by experienced, licensed Canadian employment lawyers. Designed for this moment of business uncertainty, Pivot DIY is a user-friendly, easy to read, up to date resource relevant to today’s business crisis.

What’s Included?

Templates Written by Ontario Lawyers:

  • Termination Letter & Release
  • Layoff Notice
  • Recall Notice

Trusted How-To Guides and Resources:

  • How to pivot your workforce (and business) in the era of COVID-19
  • Guide to Termination Letters & Releases
  • Guide to Layoffs – Are they legal? Pros, cons, risks
  • Guide to Firing an Employee (includes Checklist & Script for Conducting Terminations & Layoffs)
  • Resources cheatsheet for you to give employees to help with their own pivots
  • Checklist of Government Resources for Benefits &  Funding Help
  • Access to our frequently updated videos & resources about small business in the COVID-19 era


  • Take the direction of your business back into your hands
  • Pivot with the right number of people, explore the options for reducing hours or pay, accessing government relief & other temporary measures to survive
  • Get templates to work with to save you time
  • Deal with your team with dignity, fairness & with strategic vision
  • Position your business to move into the forever-changed economy focused on your core team & clarity of mission

You’ve Got This!

Whether you want to go fully DIY with your pivot or you want a cost-effective headstart before speaking to a lawyer, Pivot DIY is available to you right now for an affordable, set price.

Pivot DIY empowers you to take back the direction of your business by providing you with the tools (scripts, templates, guides, checklists, information etc) you need to resize and rebuild in the new 2020 business landscape. 

All this is available right now, at the budget-friendly, one-set price of $450+HST.  You can gain access to all the templates, guides and other resources now and get to work right away on your pivot.

Click here to learn more about Pivot DIY,  view our free COVID-19 resources, and immediately access your solutions toolkit.

Stay healthy, safe and well!